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I'm slept on 2 in the morning, what I'd done?

Monday, March 1, 2010
Last night I slept very late about 2 in the morning. What I had done? I done The Percy Jackson & The Olympians book # 3 and #4 in the one shoot!!! haha, /o/!  MySpace

Okay, I knew it stupid for reading in late at night but, you know how it feel the curiosity to read all the series of oh-my-God-so-awesome-book! that you already read. Even I sleep, I couldn't! My brain still walk and think and just kept thinking about the rest of it. Huff...so This is me in my workplace, feel sleepy now! ^ ^

But this book really really rare, I loves it, because this story was combined between Greek history and Amazing fiction, Rick Riordan COOL! Yeah I loves history, so when I watched the movie, I'm in loves with the series and browsing the Internet to find the e-book of whole series. And I found it! I'm happy MySpace, so I sleep late and wake up so sleepy in the morning MySpace

Well, I don't know why it could happened to me when I'm reading the book I loved (Found the book-Read it-Curious-Sleep late-Wake up soooo sleepy MySpace!Owhkeyyyy!!!). Hmm...but even like that I still like reading!

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