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Review: The Faceshop E'thym O2 Moisture Lotion & E'thym O2 Balancing Toner

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Hello girls,

Today's review are skin care products I've been use, It's The Face Shop E'thym O2 Moisture Lotion - this is moisturizer with 5 free (free from mineral oil, paraben, benzophenone, artificial colorant & animal origin ingredients) though it still contain a bit alcohol. I've been using this product for about 2 weeks (the first time I used the sample, and because the results is great so I decided to buy the full bottle for IDR 220k).

The moisture lotion contain a lot of water so it gives my dry skin hidrated all day, I just use about a small dot and it covers my face greatly. Its color is white and watery, the balancing toner also a bit white but more watery. I use toner only at night before sleep and use the lotion both day and night, because my dry skin condition.

I'm using the moisture lotion before applying BB Cream, because my dry skin I need bb cream which contain lot of water, and this lotion help me a lot when applying my bb cream. After applying this moisture lotion and bb cream, my face looks flawless and healthier and very moisture & hydrated.


  • My skin looks healthier (and yess its healthy!)
  • No more dry skin on the edge of my nose or the edge of my lips
  • Not gives me breakouts so its such a perfect produc for me (it's 5 free products!)
  • Even it helps me to clear my blackheads on my nose
  • My skin now very much moisted & hidrated :) 
  • I love the simple package and its color, green :D
  • The toner help me clean my face deeper and leaves my faces sooooo fairly white
  • Easy to apply bb cream ( I used The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream #2 Natural Beige and sometime The Skinfood Good Afternoon BB Cream #Lemon)


  • A bit pricey, IDR 220k at The Face Shop Pluit Village counter (if you're a member get 10% disc, whic is IDR 198rb the final price here), except you buy on pre order maybe cheaper than in the counter
This my face looks like (sorry for bad lighting, but this is no edit photo)

(my face condition after 7 months using The Faceshop E'thym Lotion)

Leave your comment below and share your thought about this product.

Love yaa...



  1. Izelea said...:

    I just wanna ask, do they still sell this ethym line there in indonesia? Cz here in brunei, when I was about to buy a new one after finishing my last one they told me that faceshop has stop the production of this line 😞 so i just want to make sure either they're telling me a fact and not just some random made up shit just to make me try the chia seed line 😒 cz ethym line was the best I've ever had

  1. I had the same problem with u, on 2014 while I eant to buy it in TFS korea they told me they didn't have it anymore. So maybe it was true they stop the ethym line. Maybe ylu can change another tfs line product for dry skin 😊

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