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Indonesia & Higher Education

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indonesia, my lovely and wonderful country with more than 200million citizen faced with complex education problem. Start with the highly tuition fee for college student till cheating problem in National Final Test from junior high through senior high, so sadly to know this. In others condition, I see many Indonesian student going abroad mostly US and Australia to take higher education which is for sure are for upper class family who can cover tuition cost in foreign univ or college.

This kind of situation made me think "why this situation seems highly contrary?in one side most senior high graduate cannot afford their tuition fees so they choose to working with low paid salaries, in other side there are so much senior high student can easily going abroad without afraid they can't paid tuition fees!"

When I googling and find that in US there's more than 10 univ and college grant 100% free tuition for their students but still can provide best education for them, in exchange they should working 10-20 hours in campus area such as administration job, working in hotel owned by campus,etc. This way also equipping student with useful skils that will be useful enough hen they enterig the real world. In addition, they also get fund from alumni and corporate or company.

I do think this kind of college why Indonesian higher edu institution cannot follow this good issue to help better and reachable Indonesian higher education need. Assume if 20% Indonesian big company do their CSR to provide better higher education in Indonesia, such free tuition college can be established in here too. In exchange they can get future better employees from the college or uni where they provide them the tuition fund.

It is great to choosing your own employee from the college or uni where your philosophy are spreading around the uni or college you build or funding. So you know the quality of the employee you hired, right?

It is my dream, to establishing tuition free college. So I want to work hard to make it happen!!!



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