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Attending to ESC graduation made me remember when I joined ESC last year...

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Recently, on April 15,  I went to graduation ESC (Excellent Servant Camp) with some of team from my cell group, a nice show, yeah I was late because I had in college, about an hour 1 / 2 9 of my new night to place a graduation ceremony ESC. My team members thought the ESC when I was not present at their graduation ceremony, but when they saw me there, we took a picture together.

this is picture taken with pastor Seno Widjaja, One of the elder in my church Abbalove Ministries also the others was taken when 2009 ESC Graduation .

I remembered last year when I'm on ESC camp, how sad I am, what a mess my life! but when I came to ESC God opened my mind, I'm new! I'm born again with the new me, although it still fell up against sin, there I knew I'm never be same again with what I am in the past. So when I graduated from ESC camp & attended to ESC class four times and God do the best for my life, I'm revive. 

Congratulation for all who graduated in this 2010 ESC CAMP!!!

Enjoy your day...

I know that God still with me, He never let me down!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Today was extraordinarily beautiful, I am constantly thankful for His love for me and my family.This afternoon there is events that hmm ... I think this is pretty fatal. One of the deliverer in my office this afternoon should exchange invoices to one of my main customers. I was completing the paperwork that must be taken as the invoices, tax invoices, delivery orders and purchase orders from these customers into 6 complete sets. An hour later he returned from his assignment and said, "Fan, I have omitted 3 sets of documents that you gave me earlier, because my bag was not closed!", I immediately torn surprised, because all documents are incomplete and only 1 original only .

I and everyone in my division necessarily immediately thought hard and pray to God to help us find the missing documents. Then me and my deliverer ride a motorcycle and went back to find the document in place of the crimes, ranging from near a police station in front of Citraland Mall to the existing railroad tracks in Latumenten street. We both asked each person we met along the way and it's too bad, no one saw it.

So we decided to go back to the office and hope to have good people who want to return the documents because there is a phone number on the invoice. I still hope to God that the best will happen, honestly I would not worry about the reaction the director of this, I feel so sorry with my deliverer. I told the financial manager who is none other than director's wife and she also just said do what I should do and what should I tell my customers to help our company, by giving more of their documents such as original purchase order and re-signature a letter they have received goods from our company.

I wish tomorrow my boss not too anger with our division because of this causes. And I'll pray for the best for me, my deliverer, my division, my office and also for the goodness of all. I remember that something could be happened because God permitted it to happen in our life to make us more stronger than yesterday. Once more I learned from this verse: 
Proverbs 16: 4 (CEV)

"The LORD has a reason
for everything he does,
and he lets evil people live
only to be punished."

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (CEV)
"Always be joyful and never stop praying. Whatever happens, keep thanking God because of Jesus Christ. This is what God wants you to do.

Well, let's hope the best for us all. Happy day, isn't?

Enjoy your lovely day...

I love to hear musics!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010
Any kind of slow and pop and R & B and some hip-hop I love to hear when my leisure time.
But I don't like kind of heavy metal & rock music. Sometimes hearing musics make my mind relaxing.
Hmm, some great song that I most hearing in my leisure time are:
=> Exile - Song For You
=> NEWS - Forever
=> Westlife - If I let you go, I lay my love on you, More than words, World of our own, Uptown Girl
=> BSB - Shape of my heart, More than that, Drowning
=> BLUE - One Love, You make me wanna, Guilty, If you come back, All Rise
=> Britney Spears - From the bottom of my broken heart
=> Christina Aquilera - I turn to you
=> Aaron Carter - I'm all about you, Not too young Not too old
=> Utada Hikaru - First Love, Automatic
=> Kattun - White Xmas, Love
=> DBSK - Purple Line, Asuwa Kuru Kara,  Why have I fallen for you
=> SHINee - Stand by me
=> SS501 - Making A Lover
=> A1 - One More Try

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