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Night @ Taman Suropati (Suropati's Park)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember that I went to Kota Tua (The Old City) last Nyepi Day? You know after went to Kota Tua, some of my friends and me decided to went to Suropati's Park where there's so many people walking in the park, practice music instrument, practice for singing, cardio therapy by walking over pebbles was provided therein. There's fountain in Suropati's park. 

We took some picture there. After that, we felt so hungry and we decided to eat in Jl. Jaksa (Jaksa Street). We eaten chicken claw soup, chicken wings soup , chicken porridge and drinking orange juice. 

We chose to eat at roadside food stalls, named Warung Kabita (Kabita Food Stalls). Not so expensive food place, each of us ate and drank only spend about IDR 15,000 or equivalent to $ 1.5, How cheap! We ate untill it was full and we went home after ate that night. So many tourist live in Jaksa Street. Beside Warung Kabita there's cafe where tourist go there.

Photos when me & friends go to Kota Tua (The Old City)

I Heart Lauren Conrad!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Yesss, I heart her (Lauren Conrad red.). Why??? It's the simplest answer, She has multi talents and she knows how to make money from it. Sometimes, I think that she's maybe has the same way of think like me, I like to write as much as her, I love fashion so much as much she loves fashion too.

Haha, but the different is, She's in holllywood now, and I'm not. She wrote best-seller books and her TV-series The Hills was success too. And now her fashion line clothing LC are on the market. How awesome she is right?
Yeaaaahh, she could be an actress, an author and a fashion designer as well.

So, thats the reason why I HEART LAUREN CONRAD!!!

Travel Choice - Kota Tua, Jakarta, Indonesia

Yesterday in my country is a national holiday (Nyepi day for Hindus People), so I and my cell group friends decided to fellowships in the Old City, Jakarta. Kota Tua (The Old City) is home to many historic attractions of heritage buildings as the progenitor former Dutch colonial era. We, as always take lots of pictures, the people who come fellowships are about 16 people. We brought 7 camera for photo in there. Haha, you can imagine how many photos we immortalized there!!!.

Yesterday, it was in the Old City was in full swing, many people on vacation are also good local tourists and foreign tourists who visit there. Also many food seller along the Old City, also there some great cafes and there is a special cafe for eating ice cream called RAGUSA.

There are several museums there as well, such as the Wayang Museum, Museum of Fine Arts & Ceramics. Unfortunately, the Museum is closed on public holidays both national holiday and the day of Sunday. So yesterday me and my friends can not go there. Finally we rounded the Old City, Fatahillah and while looking at a few couples posed for photos of their pre-wedding.

There are many attractions which performed there, such as traditional performances Debuss (attraction enough to make breath hold), they eat fire, spitting fire from his mouth and a story line that we can follow, or a sad little boy who was whipped rope but he did not feel pain.

Have fun @ Central Park Mall, Jakarta! Superb-blocks building!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010
The Central Park on design

As I mentioned earlier, that after coming home from church we decided to visit the Central Park Mall, now is ya the photos we've taken. My friend, Nanut has idea for taking pic in this area, This display showcase, is the window that contains the pictures of the winners of the logo-making contest for the logo design Central Park Mall. Do not know yet who's the winner, it's about candidates who advanced to the semi-finals. Many people who were eating in the restaurants around us, watching us, so embarrassed!but how else, take pictures that's cool!

This is an example of the logo designed by the participants of the contest, only they are not elected to the semifinals,  where its logo on display in the window like the picture above it.

Well, since this mall was new, so not so many visitors and many shops are not open alias is still in development stages such as Guess, Gap, Topshop, Zara and many food places are still under construction
There is also a playground for children, called Central World, where the play area designed like ancient aztec tribal times.
Ckckckck,,,so many fun places here,,,Oh, not to forget the awesome park outside the mall, this I give the pic where we taken picture here.

Enjoy Sunday...

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