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I Love Indonesia - Why??? Find the reason here!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

  1. The Republic of Indonesia was the first country that was born after World War II ended. RI is the 70th country in the world's oldest.         
  2. Indonesia is the country's first and only ever came out of the United Nations on January 7, 1965. However, rejoined in 1966.
  3. From the thousands of islands in Indonesia, including 4 island dominated by 2 or 3 countries.There is also the island of Borneo which is occupied by Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. The island of Papua in eastern Indonesia also shares with Papua New Guinea. There is another island of Timor to share the region with the state of East Timor (established in 2002).
  4. Indonesia is the most populous country, the fourth in the world.
  5. Indonesia became the country's largest labor exporter in the world, approximately 1 million people.
  6. Approximately 65% of the population of Indonesia, stayed on the island of Java.Size of this island is only 7% of Indonesia's land area.
  7. Indonesia is the first Asian country to join the world cup event, precisely in 1938 world cup in French.
  8. Bunaken Marine Park has 91 species of fish and 58 types of coral reefs, are being considered as a world heritage or natural world heritage in the World Ocean Conference. 
  9. Bali and the Mentawai Islands on the list of top surf spots in the world. Mentawai Islands in rank 2, because it has the best waves, especially in the month of June - September, otherwise Bali, ranked 8th in a complete package, from the high waves reached 12 feet, inns, and bars which provide exciting entertainment for surfers.                               
  10. Borobudur Temple in the top 7 wonders of the world by UNESCO. 
  11. Komodo is the only ancient animals are still alive and was only on Komodo Island (island, known as the original habitat komodo dragons, the world's largest lizard, with an average body length of 3.13m and weighs 165 kg).
  12. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the world's deepest lake
  13. Indonesia Badminton glory, Rudi Hartono Athlete All-England menejuarai never as many as 8 times also Taufik Hidayat who was once a badminton world champion at the 2004 Athens Olympics.
  14. Anggun C. Sasmi (Singer Indonesia), go international and the first Asian singer to have the exclusive interview by CNN also the only Asian singer perform at the Divas Live, and Anggun albums, received sales awards expert diamond award. 
  15. Coffee Indonesia ranked fourth best in the world, such as coffee Java, Sumatra coffee, coffee Luwak (valued more expensive than other coffee in the world). 
  16. Indonesia is the most friendly country, evidenced by the report in The Smiling Report from Sweden. After a year previously occupied by Thailand in 2009 yesterday, Indonesia is a champion. with near-perfect score of about 98%.

There's so many kind of thinks and things we should proud of our country Indonesia. As the citizen of Indonesia let's we proud of our country and do not forget to wear the national product. And for others people from others country, please visit Indonesia, we have so many culture and great sights.

Enjoy Travel...Enjoy Indonesia...

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