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Purezento - Indonesian Product with The Touch of Japan

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Purezento Me Icon

Me Icon ! Source: Purezento.com

me, icon! is the character made by purezento.
Purezento have 10 icon, each has its own character.
Each Icon has its own identical color.
me, icon! consisted of six female + 4 boys.
The relationship between the icon is only friendship, 
in the sense that until now has never revealed the existence of 
a special relationship except a close friend between them.....
me, icon! derived from the same area who had been born they lived, 
the name of the region: Pureki park
Pureki is a small area and a bit isolated in an island called Purezento Island.

The Characters
She is a cheerful girl. She loves making friends that’s why she has 
lots of friends all over the world! Her favorite color is red
mmh...and she’s a fish lover!
He is a warm guy..(at least that’s what Oshino said to the other girls..XD) 
He is interested in making friends. And he always tries to be a good listener
His favorite color is light blue. He loves his mom a lot!
She is sensitive, she has a high empathy on others
She hopes that she can always help poeple who need her help
Her favorite color is pink.
Lively! that’s the first word out of my mind when talking about him
Next, he is very helpful
And then ... very gentleman (Owhhh, sweet..)
His favorite color is blue.

She is a creative girl, she is (a little bit) childish and like any children: 
she’s imaginative, full of awesome imaginations 
She loves comics and cookies 
One of her dream is to be a chef 
“I’ll cook for the world!!”, she always said, her favorite color is orange.
She is a smart girl, she loves reading and writing
She is also good in analyzing things
Her self-assertive sets her to be someone who really knows exactly 
what she really wanna be: 
a journalist-be the first who finds the truth, she loves tosca color.
She is the most sounded girl on the earth, very talkative
She likes hang around with her friends, spends the time by talking and sharing 
the never ending stories and experiences in live and love
But anyway she is very entertaining, that’s why her friends are very happy 
to be around her, her favorite color is yellow, 
“Like the sun, it’s my pleasure to shine the world with smile...” as Hisa always said in the end of her stories.
She is feminine, she is very interested in beauty
She is good in taking care of her beauty, for instance, she drinks mineral water much 
because she believes that it is good for her skin
She is an attractive girl (at least that’s what she always try to be) 
Her favorite color is violet.

Gokil! is the word that represents Taro
Gokil in Indonesia language means someone who likes joking
Yup! making jokes is Taro’s daily activities that’s why he is almost never looked sad 
Besides gokil, Taro is a hard worker and generous guy, his favorite color is green.

He is a wise guy,h e does not speak too much except a valuable words
He only speaks when he thinks that it is needed
Although he does not speak too much, does not mean that he is a boring guy
His friends are often looking for him in time they have problems because Naoto
is a good listener besides always gives good suggestions, his favorite color is black.

Purezento Header
Product: key chain, phone strap, wall clock, sign system, 
small magnet, bookmarking, etc.

My Boyfriend Projects of Semiotics - Sign System

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is his campus logo: 


Thursday, August 5, 2010
One word is coveted by everyone. Various ways used to obtain happiness. There are as many treasures, there was a pursuit of power and influence, there is a search for friends and friends as much as possible, to make himself happy.

Anything that can be found in this world, we knew there would be sufficient to give eternal joy.Eternal happiness is when we know in faith, worship the eternal God has provided for us. Stops are available in the grace, Jesus Christ who comes into this world and opens the way to stop it for us. Accept it by faith, and enjoy your happiness in this life.

source: http://saatteduh.happyshine.org/
Translated by: Tifani

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