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I consuming Vitamin now ~ It's A, B & C!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010
After read the facts about high dose Vitamin C, I from now on, more carefully to choose any kind of vitamin to consuming every day, from mayoclinic I knew o not consuming 1000mg Vit C every day, because the RDA said it is should be 50 until 60mg per day, and the remainder will be discharged into the urine (this is really not recommended for our kidneys!Let say 940mg remaind go to the kidneys, ooohhhhhh!!!). 

So I bought the low doses of Vit. C, it's about 50mg for just $0.3 hahaha!!! (3 cent dolar or IDR 3000 in Indonesia, Vit. C from IPI for 50 tablets 50mg of Vit C!nyahahahaha cheappppppppeerrrrr than those 1000mg Vit .C in drugstore) , because the high dose just for deficiency people.

Also I bought Vitamin B complex & Vit A for my eyes (because I felt my eyes function not too good, hahaha!) but warning! we cnanot take Vit A although it just low doses (it's about 6.000 IU) in long term using, it can causing hypervitaminosis or not too good for our liver, I just used this Vit. A when I really need to consume.

Well, once more be smwart to choose your daily supplement like Vit. C. 

Save your money. Think smart, act wise, live healthy.

Enjoy your day...

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