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Hola, I'm back!

Saturday, January 28, 2012
It's been quite a while since the last time I updated this blog, It's because I'm so busy these days then and honestly I dunno what to write?!? (^_^)V.  

This time I wanna share about a very good Tumblr blog, it is littlemisspaintbrush, I accidentally know this blog, and I love her drawing because its so cute to see. Maybe you can relax a while and seeing her blog, it is worth it by the way. 

And there's a new manga I recommended to read, it is Love Buttton aka Kokoro Botan by Usami Maki, with its simple and very cute drawing and with a thump-thump story (hahaha, what is thump2 by the way?!? :D ). The story about Nina and Koga, for full manga review (contain spoiler! ;)) you can read from bebexiushoujo - kokoro-botan.

credit to mangareader.net

Then, I bought 2 manhwa from Gramedia Bookstore, Bittersweet Highschool Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, finished in one day! hahaha, since I like to read on holiday! yahooo...funny story!
Nah, I wanna told you that I recently played Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love with NDS emu (No$Gba) on my VAIO laptop and its run well on it. I already patched it to English, since the game originally use Japanese. Sadly, I dunno why I couldn't had a happy end with Hazuki Kei, OMG...so difficult even it is just sim-dating game.
Otome game by Konami, Tokimeki Memorial (ときめきメモリアル) Girl's Side 1st Love PLUS for Nintendo DS and DSi

credit to moresay.com

Hey this was my artwork, not quite good, but it's ok for me because I am not a pro for kind like this:

And I was so excited when known that Paradise Kiss (from manga with the same name by Ai Yazawa) had been made to movie, I already watched it yesterday and fell in love with Osamu Mukai (OMG he's so handsome here, paired with Keiko Kitagawa, what a lovely movie!). Keiko is so stunning! Why  she can be so thin but yet beauty? *oohhh, so envy!

 credit to felicicty30

So, I did a lot of things this 1st month of the New Year, what about you? 

Have a very great experience in this new year all, God bless! :D


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