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Hey everyone!!! It's FantasticCosmetic!

Friday, March 22, 2013
Last week, I bought "Fantastic Cosmetic! by Kim Mi Kyung" just IDR 85k ehemmm altogether with "GIGA TOKYO Toy Box" at Gramedia Pluit Village, yayyy!!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿  Pfiuhhh!!! after the long journey searching this Fantastic Cosmetic book from Central Park, Taman Anggrek, Citraland & Daan Mogot Mall!.


I suggesting for all you girls & women to add this book into your collection since it contain so many useful information and tips how to caring your skin, your face, your hair, and how doing cosmetics without damaging your face. {◕ ◡ ◕}

With so many cute picture and manhwa-like drawing, this book is so easy to read and to memorize, really! ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪

This book is for woman but contain about 10 page more about men skin care & cosmetic. Also there is a book special for men called "FANTASTIC COSMETIC For Men" for IDR 85k too (not too pricey because its usefulness, right? ^▽^ ), its have quite useful tips for men vary from face care to men fashion & style. 


Don't think twice! Just going to nearest book store and buy this books! Then going to my store for finding your best and suitable skin care & cosmetics product (my prodcust mostly from Korean line cosmetics) hehehehe... www.winterizeshoppe.com

Enjoy your weekend!


What you do on holiday?

Monday, March 11, 2013
Holiday has come, holiday has come! Happy Nyepi Day for those who celebrate it :D
I wake up in the morning and surfing the internet, looking my supplier website to find new updates. I wondering what I will to do on this holiday. Mostly on holiday I will listening to the music, reading comics or novels, but since I do read a lot back then I don't have any interesting list of new books :( (it's a bit disappointing me!). However, I know there's so much things I need to do. Like make a list full of soc-med-adv-strategy :D!. What you do on holiday? when someone ask you this just answer with 'I will do something good!".

Btw, now is lunch time and I need to feeding myself, hahaha! 

Well, I actually I just want to say happy holiday! ^_^V (I don't have any idea yet to post! :D)

Have a great holiday today all,


I like to negotiating :D, don't you?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Negotiating with supplier need communication skill, sometimes I negotiate with my supplier so I can being their reseller/dropshipper even I never buy their product before. But they usually believe me when I explained to them my core business and how they will help me and how together we can get more profits (hehehe! :D). They will ask about my biz, my web, my social media page, etc.

We need to give some reasons that will gaining profits not just for us but for them too as the main supplier. I do not know them so they neither know me. But we mutually believing each other, trust is a must.

Thanks God, my suppliers always the main importer or the main produsen of the products so I can keep my price lower than others in the market. I can have them in my suppliers book because I done so much research on Google with various keywords until I found them. And found them means I need to know whether they're trusted or not, so basically I do some research again.

Remember, being an entrepreneur means we need to learn comminication skilss too. Its necessary to influenced people (with good things okay!). Trying to negotiate with supplier, even failed we can still trying again.

Happy Sunday! <3<3<3

Everywhere with my 2nd family - My Cell Group (TMII, Central Park, NAV Karaoke Bellezza)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Christmas Full Of Blessing

 with bestiest

with bestiest



 With our Pastor Bambang Sutedja


Personal & Start up business, cost control & efficiency from my experience!

Thursday, March 7, 2013
I wanna talking about cost control & cost efficiency. How we controlling cost? How to be more efficient?

img credit:www.ramco.com 

I experienced this kind of situation. While struggling with my 9-5 job and growing my business, I met with this problems. My boss always ask me to doing cost control, looking for some business processes and how to cutting some activities with non value added without affecting the whole business process for cost efficiency. As well as in my current company, my business faces this problem, why delivery cost rising? how to promoting my business without costing me so much in advertising fees? How to finding fund and make use of it with the wisest way so it'll not gone without we're never known where it flown away?.

In term of business, maintain cost is a must. I read some books about business and finance, some books about entrepreneurship and they always talk about cost efficiency and cost control especially in start-up year. I, too, read on www.under30ceo.com and www.under30finance.com, their articles help me so much in practical way to opening my biz, financing my biz and to controlling cost and make some efficiency.

So I'm doing these things to minimize cost and doing some cost efficiency:

1. Advertising can costing me millions while social media marketing cost me just my little time to advertise my biz

2. Better to advertise my product to people who close to me such as my colleagues, my best friends, my family (cousin, aunties, uncles), junior in high school because they believe in me and my web store

3. Being a dropshipper cost me less on efforts to packing, delivering packages and packing cost :D

4. My internet service packaged with cable tv also and it cost me just IDR 104.500 every month with 1 Mbps unlimited speed internet and I-forget-how-many-channel  my cable tv was since it also contain HBO family, HBO signature, AXN HD, Disney Channel, TLC, Nickelodeon, KBS, NatGeo, Animal Planet, Local TV, and many more. (Thanks God I have this complete packages, about the service provider pm me :D it's secret hahaha!!!)

5. I paid for web design service incld hosting and domain name just under IDR 500rb, but I'm doing okay with it and very satisfied :) (Thank you paketonlinestore.com!)

6. I just use the "BB Gaul package" with 3 as the provider for IDR 40k/month while I have my Samsung Galaxy Gio got the 1GB unlimited internet just for IDR 50k and can doing anything from smartphone to hotspot tethering device (So I can use my tab without paid any service provider,just use my android phone as tethering device, sharing time everyone!)

7. I using KlikBCA to do all banking matters from paying supplier, buying 3 Prabayar, receiving money from customers, checking my credit card account, and etc, all with just 1 keyBCA. It helps me a a lot and save my time not to going to atm or to the bank for doing my banking routines.

8. I download free entrepreneur books, finance accounting books, novel *grinning, and all of it saved on my tab/my BB/my Samsung Galaxy Gio so I can read it everytime and anywhere (Hey, I buying paper books too, every month I spend IDR 100k for a very great & usefull books like books for internet marketing and seo optimization, customer loyalty playbook - a great book about Net Promoter Score or NPS, fantastic cosmetics, comics *grinning again, and some novel collections)

9. Giving discounts or free shipping for my customers with xxx purchase, will cost me a much as discount or shipping fee but remember that's the way we treat good and loyal customer, cheaper than advertising cost but more powerful effects and I called it investment for future, hohoho!

10. Save your coins! Everytime you have coins from exchange put it on a box for a while, after the box full with coins, bring it to traditional shop and change it with paper money then store it to yoi bank account (save...save...save...!!!)

11. While doing these efficiency things, I do finding fund too for my biz. Hmmmm, the easiest way is to borrow from my office with 0% interest, but....I'm not doing this!!! (Okay, it's a bit humiliating to borrow from office anyway!), what I do is to save my money from salary, then invest it in my biz. I start with small amount of IDR 1.5 Mio, then use it on my biz and that money start generating (wow!!!) so it become IDR 2-3 Mio, When my capital deficit I adding some sum of capital. And that's the way I keeping my fund on PLUS :D!

That's it, hope it helps everyone! I like controlling cost but I do want to still getting the best from what I want with some efficiency. Happy Day!


Start-Up Entrepreneur, From my point of view!

Monday, March 4, 2013
ENTREPRENEUR isn't something we should scary about, indeed it is something we need to trying to do.

From last month I officially opened my online shop, focusing on retailing Korean cosmetics & skin care, knit fashion & Import dresses from China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. So, after soooo many doubtful thinking about "Am I open this business or not?", courageously I paid some sum of money to a web designer and they helped me in created my Web store with OpenCart based. After about 1 year growing this business only from my BlackBerry device (also with the help of my Android phone & Tablet), word of mouth & Facebook, finally this web store created.

I named this online shop with WINTERIZE SHOPPE, so that's why I choose domain name www.winterizeshoppe.com , my partner help me created WinShop logo and web banner for my web store. It was such a great experience. I tried to becoming an entrepreneur. My heart beating, its like gambling in some way :D! And proud it other way! I started the term of entrepreneurship. And I'm now happily growing this business and tried some creative ideas to get the market share. It's like playing game, I love KairoSoft game from Game Dev Story, Hot Sprig Story, Mega Mall Story to Dream Days House, I feel those kind of feeling when opening this business, hahaha! #LOL

This is my passion, the passion I want to share with all of you. Waking up your entrepreneur instinct, and try to do the best with your business (anything maybe your hobby, any thing you like, anything that matters you!), I know in the start up years always tough. But it depends on how you build your business through marketing idea, how you interact with customer to get your loyal customer. I said a loyal customer, someone who always buy from you even there are so many same business as yours outside, form your loyal customer point of view yours the best and don't forget about your star-up capital ^_^. I started this business about 9 months ago, to fill in my leisure time & filled in my entrepreneur ego ^_^ but as time goes by I love doing it, and more seriously to make this business growing!.

Start up years, could be tough, but even if it's tough we could do it because it is our own passion. Make yours different, I found most of entrepreneur always have their own way of selling, way of thinking but always have the same felling of passion. We like to doing what we like, right?
Also we need to equipping Our self with more knowledge about entrepreneurship. I subscribed under30ceo and read entrepreneur magz, also some entrepreneur books. Mostly, I read from under30ceo because there are sooooo many helpful tips and very applicable. With equipping ourself, we have guidance to doing business from the right people. If you have questions about anything in my start-up business, I am gladly to answer. Just pm or email me tifani.zulfiana@gmail.com.

Happy Entrepreneurship!



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