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My Lord...My Lord...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Lord, Please...
If I am angry, make me calm
If I am hate others, make it gone
If I said dirty words, throw that words forever
If I doing the sin things, forgive me and don't let me do that things again

My Lord...
Eventhough my life not as beautiful as I expect
Not good as I want
Not like ordinary people
But I thankful and be grateful for all You have done to me
Because I knew I am extraordinary

With silence and always in Your way
Always in Your warm and peaceful love
I am not broken because I am Yours

Though what I get not as I want
Though this family aren't perfect
I belief You always by our side
I belief You care for us
I belief You give us only the best
I belief we're born for some specific purpose You planned for us long before we're even born
I belief Your plans for us are for the good sake of all people so they may seen Your love toward us

Thats why I always belief in You, My Lord
The One and Only God...
Jesus Christ
The One who proven His love for this world
And do so much miracle in my life
And always giving me wisdom and knowledge and all the talents
So that I can glorify Your Name and to brings Your Kingdom into the world

My Lord...

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