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Are you ever feel sorry about something that affect your life now?Just be grateful person...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Everyone must be ever feel REGRET, just like DREAM, sometimes regret affecting our life, directly or not. But what we have to do is not to being felt regret for our whole life, learn for what we regretted. Stand up from what we paralyzed for. Run for the purpose that God had settled to us before we born. 

Either I or you ever felt how regret is, sometimes I think what was my best regret in life? And the answer is, "I don't know what my serious goal!". I always think so many goals without set the way to reach it. Okay, I tell you my own story, I came from broken home family. My mom gave birth to me without I knew who's my father is. Then she married another man, who insisted is not my bio father, not so long they divorced. 

But thankfully to God, I live with my aunt & my grandma also with my mom, they taught me how to become a Christian, how to become a successful woman. Taught me to attended to church, to Sunday school, even I don't have father, I knew that I have Jesus as my Father. When I'm in 4th grade, I hated my mom, I hated why I've been born in such of a family like this? Why I'm not be born in normal family like some of my friends? But again thank God, I've been saved from all of the bitternesses in my heart. 

I regretted that no one taught me to set my goal with seriously, no one taught me to learn & study hard to reach my goal. My family was indeed a warm family respect for each others, a very relaxed family type, but not the type of family as I expected, where they could guideed me to be able to achieve some of my best goal. I expected at that time was the family that controls me, teach me many things.

It is kind of my regretted, that I not set my goal! I was too independent in the middle of relaxed family. Since I'm in elementary through senior high school, I always asked myself about what kind of skills & abilities that could supported me in the future to reaching my goal. Then I attended at English language courses (the best one from I knew!) to improved my English skills. I followed the study guidance to learn the best there, so they could helped me able to study well and take school lesson better, because I know none of any adult people in  my home who could helped me to do my homework from school.

What's the result? I'm smartest than I thought myself was. I could done my study until now perfectly, at a great rate. I have IQ rate at 125 (not bad, right?). But, lived and grown up with families that too relaxed like that made me became the kind of person so relaxed and less serious in dealing with various problems, also Including in terms of learning , my way of study, I am also not serious. So that there's a time I feel regretted, why I didn't learn & study seriously? maybe I could reach Noble, haha, just joke okay!

Thanks God, when I fallen, He took me back. He saved my life from all bitternesses, I now can always give thanks for all of He do to me, even with my family, I feel grateful for them, they were the best family I ever had. No one could compared with them, every family have it's own good & bad side, right? So no one feel regretted when He touch us with everlasting & unconditional love!

I love my family, some people call me family woman, haha!

Enjoy this wonderful day...God bless you all...

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Dream ~ Everyone has it own dreams, right?

Sunday, May 16, 2010
DREAM!!! who hasn't has their own dreams to be come true? Even 2-yo kids have a dream!

I have my own dreams since I was in grade 7th, what was my dream? I dreamed about what I've been in 15 yo from that time, I want to serve Jesus for my whole life, I want to have great job, have a happy family of my own, have 2 or more kids, happily ever after! Live in the simply house, have a garden, have bicycles to play together, have a pair of little & cute doggies. Have fun with others relation of mine, make my parents and my family happy.

Seems not too grandiose yaa? But there are my own dreams, maybe you have your own dreams to share with your kindness friends or even with your parents. I knew that sometimes we should share what we have in our mind with someone we believe more, with someone we think it secure to share. Dreams cannot be reach if we not pray to God, doing something to reach it and not to have relation, sometimes relatives will help you to find your way to reach your dreamsEven now, I didn't realize all my dreams but I believe in God that someday I can say to the world, "hello, I know God never left me behind, See,,,this is my DREAMS!!!" . I still in my college to take my bachelor degree in Accounting Management major also I have job as a finance officer & I have wonderful family & boyfriend who supported me and love & caring me. How perfect my life now, even some of my dreams not  come through me now? I just hope to God to keep my way not going left or going right but still in His way, so that I could reach my dreams!

Enjoy your life, always have dreams & hope in GOD...

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Holiday = Watch Serial Drama !!! Autumn's Concerto, Rocks!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010
Yesterday's holiday, so I do not go to office or college. Then I went to my boyfriend home, what are we doing this holiday? haha, my boyfriend was busy with a paper of his art-iron man, I'm not busy watching taiwan drama series titled Autumn Concerto.Autumn Concerto played by Van Ness Wu, Ady An & Tiffany Xu. And there was a little child named Xiao Xiao Bin, which is very funny. It is really good movie! Romantic, exciting, suspenseful and touching the heart. Every people watched this drama full of tears as they seen episode by episode of this drama.

If you want to know more about this movie see this, Synopsis Autumn Concerto! For soundtrack from this series here Ost. Autumn's Concerto ~ I already download it at 4shared.com

Van Ness in this drama starring as Ren Guang Xi, who I think have hard personality, so stubborn, sensitive and over jealousy to his girlfriend. But reversed of his hard personality, He's honest, high sense of defending the truth, soft heart with his own family. This family drama tell us about love, how love have it own way to find your true love, which spiced with jealousy, separation from love,the poor & the rich, friendship and triangle or could I said it rectangle love?

Well, I recommended this taiwan serial drama for watching when leisure time, why?because it contains 21 series, how come, It's so long series! But when you watch it, no worried of how long this movie, you always have will to watch more & more, OMG... 21 episode! you can imagine how long you've been to watching?!? Need many times to stay awake & consistency to keep understand the interwoven of this story, right?!?

I like Ady An starring as Mu Chen, Vanness the one & only love here! Sometimes I look at her, her face seems really like Vicky Zhao, aren't she?
This is Ady An starring as Mu Chen. 
I love seeing him in here really,,,aww cuteeee!!!kawaiii, right???

Because of this movie , I forgot to studying for the next day mid term (current issue of management accounting), But I thankfully for My Jesus that give me the best smartest talented gift to me, My Brain!!! So I could keep answer my test, question by question, I knew it was not me answering it, but He gave me wisdom to do that. Thanks Jesus, I Love You!!!


Enjoyyy Movieee,,,enjoy drama,,,enjoy your leisure time...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

At Saturday night, I forgot the date, me and my boyfriend took a dinner at Pizza Hut Pantai Indah Kapuk, The  situation seems different here, more luxurious than another Pizza Hut Counter, also the waitress so kind with us. We booked a delight package (1 Small Pizza - we ordered PEP Pizza, kind of pizza with sprinkles of smoke chicken, garlic, mushroom, tomato and doused with so deliciouses black pepper sauce!, 1 Spaghetti, 1 plate of garlic bread, and 2 glass of coca cola) and a plate of mushroom teaser like you could seen in my picture because I taken some picture here with my BF.

And Guess how much we paid for those delicious food? IDR 35.000 (US$3.5) for the delight package, IDR 15.000 (US$ 1.5) for mushroom teaser, so we just paid it IDR 50.000 (US$ 5), haha, looks so cheap, huh? I think it's cheap enough for the comfortable place I got  & the delicious food that I ate there.

Above me there were chandelier and speaker so that I could heard slow pop music kind of First Love By Utada Hikaru. Every people seems enjoyed their food here, they chit-chat with their relations, like me and my BF. I recommended this Pizza Hut PIK Counter to eat pizza.

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