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Reccomended Books & 2014 Reading Challenge

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
I've been pretty crazy to read any great novel I have this whole week. Yess, its romance novel, some contemporary young adult novel and so many more genre. And I've pretty taken with Alice Clayton Novel Wallbanger which I still reading now.
That novel is hillarious, I dunno how many times I smiled or laugh or laugh out lout or rofl...whatever. Very funny yet romantic and very fresh from the oven story (hmmm...I think). I reccomended this book very much. You will keep your smile, hmm-ed and owhh-ed while read this book (:D #grinned).
Alice Clayton does very great job to make every words enchanting. All the conversation, the jokes, the characters thought all of these soooo really great I can't stop myself from read it (yepp, still laugh too!)
My next list are surely the redhead series by Alice Clayton, it contain 2 books. Hmm...Anyway I reccomended too the Sadie Grubor "All Grown Up" which I already read an still the feeling lingering on me about the sweet childhood romance, the friendship, the break up, first love, the love story and happily ever after.
So make a challenge this year to read some books. Then challenge gives more excitement (who doesn't like challenge?). I made a challenge to read 400 books this year on Goodreads. Update every books I read and to keep tracking it. Happy reading, what 's ur fav novel this month?.
More reading list:
1. One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy
2. Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy
3. Drew+Fable Forever by Monica Murphy
4. Nobody's Baby But Mine (Chicago All Stars Series) by Susan Elizabeth Philips

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