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Office Outing 2010 ~ Cansebu Resort

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Yeaaa...finally the day that we waiting so long,,,outing...yay...refreshing...outbound...now take place in Cansebu Resort (See here!), I never go to here, but my office mate already surveyed this place. We will camping here, can you imagine???CAMPING!!! ~ I never go to camping before...but It must be interesting.

I have a lil' bit excited but a lil' bit  nervous too, my friend told me that we will sleep with a mat in the tent,,,
wew...sounds uncomfortable, It feels like I'm an soldier who often camped, haha...but still I'm curious about this outing, really!!!

I will posting some picture after we camp, I heard that we will make a bonfire at night! I wondering what the event will be hold in this outing. There's definitely outbound, bonfire, and technical meeting. But I can't imagine what games we will play there. I hope this camp will be deepen our team.

Enjoy your day...


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