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My Reading List For A Month

Friday, November 11, 2011
I have so much books waiting to read, so here's the romance novel list I already read since last month:
  • Paradise by Juditch McNaught 
  • Perfect by Judith McNaught
  • Night Whisper by Judith McNaught
  • Only His by Susan Mallery
  • Only Mine by Susan Mallery
  • Only You by Susan Mallery
  • Delicious by Susan Mallery
  • Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery
  • Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Philips
  • Just Imagine by Susan Elizabeth Philips
  • Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Philips
  • This Heart Of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Philips
  • His Unknown Heir by Chantelle Shaw
  • Valerie Frankel - Hex
  • His Heir, Her Honor - Catherine Mann
  • Scandalicious - Allison Hobbs
  • The Year of Living Shamelessly - Susanna Carr
  • The Seductive One (Marcelli Bride) - Susan Mallery

My Lord...My Lord...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Lord, Please...
If I am angry, make me calm
If I am hate others, make it gone
If I said dirty words, throw that words forever
If I doing the sin things, forgive me and don't let me do that things again

My Lord...
Eventhough my life not as beautiful as I expect
Not good as I want
Not like ordinary people
But I thankful and be grateful for all You have done to me
Because I knew I am extraordinary

With silence and always in Your way
Always in Your warm and peaceful love
I am not broken because I am Yours

Though what I get not as I want
Though this family aren't perfect
I belief You always by our side
I belief You care for us
I belief You give us only the best
I belief we're born for some specific purpose You planned for us long before we're even born
I belief Your plans for us are for the good sake of all people so they may seen Your love toward us

Thats why I always belief in You, My Lord
The One and Only God...
Jesus Christ
The One who proven His love for this world
And do so much miracle in my life
And always giving me wisdom and knowledge and all the talents
So that I can glorify Your Name and to brings Your Kingdom into the world

My Lord...

Indonesia & Higher Education

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indonesia, my lovely and wonderful country with more than 200million citizen faced with complex education problem. Start with the highly tuition fee for college student till cheating problem in National Final Test from junior high through senior high, so sadly to know this. In others condition, I see many Indonesian student going abroad mostly US and Australia to take higher education which is for sure are for upper class family who can cover tuition cost in foreign univ or college.

This kind of situation made me think "why this situation seems highly contrary?in one side most senior high graduate cannot afford their tuition fees so they choose to working with low paid salaries, in other side there are so much senior high student can easily going abroad without afraid they can't paid tuition fees!"

When I googling and find that in US there's more than 10 univ and college grant 100% free tuition for their students but still can provide best education for them, in exchange they should working 10-20 hours in campus area such as administration job, working in hotel owned by campus,etc. This way also equipping student with useful skils that will be useful enough hen they enterig the real world. In addition, they also get fund from alumni and corporate or company.

I do think this kind of college why Indonesian higher edu institution cannot follow this good issue to help better and reachable Indonesian higher education need. Assume if 20% Indonesian big company do their CSR to provide better higher education in Indonesia, such free tuition college can be established in here too. In exchange they can get future better employees from the college or uni where they provide them the tuition fund.

It is great to choosing your own employee from the college or uni where your philosophy are spreading around the uni or college you build or funding. So you know the quality of the employee you hired, right?

It is my dream, to establishing tuition free college. So I want to work hard to make it happen!!!



The story of mine, whatever it was...

Saturday, April 16, 2011
I do think a long time to take an English course to improve my English Grammar, writing skill & speaking ability...but it's so difficult to find a place with oh-so-great quality but in lower price since I paid my own college tuition fee, it makes me uncomfortable to paid such a high price for English course. So I decided to learn English online, free from the world wide web as we called www. But I don't know why, if it is because I don't hace humanly tutor nor it is just me who too lazy to learn, so "learn English online" didn't work too well for me, really! that's tough! 

I know learn English means a lot to pursuing my career in the future as what I dreaming ~ take my master degree abroad ~ so English is a must! 

Then I changing my track from learn English to learn Norwegian language, why??? since I fallen in love with this beautiful country with its best mountain view and it costs me free tuition fees for master degree, so I finally decided to get my master degree here, or at least in Australia, if God permitted, of course!

Another question raise, why Australia? no doubt Australia is one of the best place to study, best environment for learning, even it's costs so much for the tuition fee, but it's OK, I can work part time, here in this great country, together with my boyfriend - after we're married surely! - and he can work full time then help me to pay my tuition fees, also I have a lot of friends that already there to studying, so it means I have partners which they could help me to going there easily without so much struggle.

Well, that was based on my planning, not with the exact calculation, since I could change my mind easily (since I knew I'm ENFP, so anything's possible! :p) before I decide what the best for me, of course I need to pray and ask God what I should to do while I give my best efforts to make my dreams come true, the dreams that " I want to educating my self abroad to praise my God, meet so many people from another continent, learn their cultural & behaviors, tasting new food culture - especially Europe & Japanese cuisine - then learn the way they think about something, about educating system, before go back to Indonesia where I'll developing what I found when I'm abroad in positive ways, with various addition things to make Indonesia's better (quite high dream, huh?)"

Some of my friends tell me that I altered my plan so easy, and it makes me no direction to pursue my future. But I told them, "no prob, it's OK, It's because I want the best choice for me, the best way to taken". The thing that I learn is, no matter what people said just believe in your feeling & do the best efforts we can do & don't forget to give your plan to God.

Now what I do is learning! In progress to finished my bachelor's degree, here, in my wonderful & loveliest country I've ever know (it's too much exaggerated, huh? hahaha,,,) - DAMN, I LOVE INDONESIA!!! - TRAVEL WARNING: DANGEROUSLY BEAUTIFUL INDONESIA -
You'll regret not to come hereeee,,,,the one & only country with so many archipelagos - about 17.000 - despite it's negative comment growing outside, my country is the best! try to think, my President holds responsible to take care of about 17.000 island with its 245million citizens - how come! so big country!.

I just never accepted the way foreign people think about my country, about the bomb case, about the Legian bomb case or another negatives stories surrounding about my country. They didn't know what Indonesia is - hello, it is the place when little Obama taken elementary grade 6th !- but they know what Bali is, they think "Bali - The Goddess Island" as the country itself, but they wrong! Bali is just an island from it's 17.000 archipelagos located in INDONESIA!  Meanwhile the "BRAIN TERROR" isn't Indonesia citizen but Malaysian name Dr. Azhari & Nurdin M. Top!!!!

So for all those foreigner, please don't mind all the negative voices outside there, you should know we're here so friendly people with the best smile & always kind to everyone, no matter you're "BULE - we called for foreigner)" or not BULE.

I appreciated so much for those who loves Indonesia as their 2nd home, as I appreciated my elderly pastor from Australia, Jeff Hammond, he loves this country so much that he said if he was born again he wants to be Indonesian citizen. And the newest news is....do you know that Lady Gaga used Indonesian fashion designer for her photoshoot in Harper Bazaar US May 2011 edition? (She used one of Tex Saverio collection called La Glacon)

(La Glacon In Jakarta's Fashion Week by Tex Saverio)

Enjoy your day, 


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Sunday, January 30, 2011
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