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Dream ~ Everyone has it own dreams, right?

Sunday, May 16, 2010
DREAM!!! who hasn't has their own dreams to be come true? Even 2-yo kids have a dream!

I have my own dreams since I was in grade 7th, what was my dream? I dreamed about what I've been in 15 yo from that time, I want to serve Jesus for my whole life, I want to have great job, have a happy family of my own, have 2 or more kids, happily ever after! Live in the simply house, have a garden, have bicycles to play together, have a pair of little & cute doggies. Have fun with others relation of mine, make my parents and my family happy.

Seems not too grandiose yaa? But there are my own dreams, maybe you have your own dreams to share with your kindness friends or even with your parents. I knew that sometimes we should share what we have in our mind with someone we believe more, with someone we think it secure to share. Dreams cannot be reach if we not pray to God, doing something to reach it and not to have relation, sometimes relatives will help you to find your way to reach your dreamsEven now, I didn't realize all my dreams but I believe in God that someday I can say to the world, "hello, I know God never left me behind, See,,,this is my DREAMS!!!" . I still in my college to take my bachelor degree in Accounting Management major also I have job as a finance officer & I have wonderful family & boyfriend who supported me and love & caring me. How perfect my life now, even some of my dreams not  come through me now? I just hope to God to keep my way not going left or going right but still in His way, so that I could reach my dreams!

Enjoy your life, always have dreams & hope in GOD...

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