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Start-Up Entrepreneur, From my point of view!

Monday, March 4, 2013
ENTREPRENEUR isn't something we should scary about, indeed it is something we need to trying to do.

From last month I officially opened my online shop, focusing on retailing Korean cosmetics & skin care, knit fashion & Import dresses from China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. So, after soooo many doubtful thinking about "Am I open this business or not?", courageously I paid some sum of money to a web designer and they helped me in created my Web store with OpenCart based. After about 1 year growing this business only from my BlackBerry device (also with the help of my Android phone & Tablet), word of mouth & Facebook, finally this web store created.

I named this online shop with WINTERIZE SHOPPE, so that's why I choose domain name www.winterizeshoppe.com , my partner help me created WinShop logo and web banner for my web store. It was such a great experience. I tried to becoming an entrepreneur. My heart beating, its like gambling in some way :D! And proud it other way! I started the term of entrepreneurship. And I'm now happily growing this business and tried some creative ideas to get the market share. It's like playing game, I love KairoSoft game from Game Dev Story, Hot Sprig Story, Mega Mall Story to Dream Days House, I feel those kind of feeling when opening this business, hahaha! #LOL

This is my passion, the passion I want to share with all of you. Waking up your entrepreneur instinct, and try to do the best with your business (anything maybe your hobby, any thing you like, anything that matters you!), I know in the start up years always tough. But it depends on how you build your business through marketing idea, how you interact with customer to get your loyal customer. I said a loyal customer, someone who always buy from you even there are so many same business as yours outside, form your loyal customer point of view yours the best and don't forget about your star-up capital ^_^. I started this business about 9 months ago, to fill in my leisure time & filled in my entrepreneur ego ^_^ but as time goes by I love doing it, and more seriously to make this business growing!.

Start up years, could be tough, but even if it's tough we could do it because it is our own passion. Make yours different, I found most of entrepreneur always have their own way of selling, way of thinking but always have the same felling of passion. We like to doing what we like, right?
Also we need to equipping Our self with more knowledge about entrepreneurship. I subscribed under30ceo and read entrepreneur magz, also some entrepreneur books. Mostly, I read from under30ceo because there are sooooo many helpful tips and very applicable. With equipping ourself, we have guidance to doing business from the right people. If you have questions about anything in my start-up business, I am gladly to answer. Just pm or email me tifani.zulfiana@gmail.com.

Happy Entrepreneurship!



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