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I like to negotiating :D, don't you?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Negotiating with supplier need communication skill, sometimes I negotiate with my supplier so I can being their reseller/dropshipper even I never buy their product before. But they usually believe me when I explained to them my core business and how they will help me and how together we can get more profits (hehehe! :D). They will ask about my biz, my web, my social media page, etc.

We need to give some reasons that will gaining profits not just for us but for them too as the main supplier. I do not know them so they neither know me. But we mutually believing each other, trust is a must.

Thanks God, my suppliers always the main importer or the main produsen of the products so I can keep my price lower than others in the market. I can have them in my suppliers book because I done so much research on Google with various keywords until I found them. And found them means I need to know whether they're trusted or not, so basically I do some research again.

Remember, being an entrepreneur means we need to learn comminication skilss too. Its necessary to influenced people (with good things okay!). Trying to negotiate with supplier, even failed we can still trying again.

Happy Sunday! <3<3<3

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