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What you do on holiday?

Monday, March 11, 2013
Holiday has come, holiday has come! Happy Nyepi Day for those who celebrate it :D
I wake up in the morning and surfing the internet, looking my supplier website to find new updates. I wondering what I will to do on this holiday. Mostly on holiday I will listening to the music, reading comics or novels, but since I do read a lot back then I don't have any interesting list of new books :( (it's a bit disappointing me!). However, I know there's so much things I need to do. Like make a list full of soc-med-adv-strategy :D!. What you do on holiday? when someone ask you this just answer with 'I will do something good!".

Btw, now is lunch time and I need to feeding myself, hahaha! 

Well, I actually I just want to say happy holiday! ^_^V (I don't have any idea yet to post! :D)

Have a great holiday today all,


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