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There's so much happiness when we have friends to share and have fun

Monday, March 15, 2010
This picture was taken yesterday, after sunday service at Bellezza so we took some pictures for fun. We take pictures and laugh, what a great friends we are!
haha, look at them both, see their picture style, weird right? but what the hell they are asking to be photographed with such style. haha, very funny faces them both!

what happened with me???aaarrghhh,,,lol!!!funny pic, huh???
hmmm...who's car it is? the Z4 by BMW! because the car is sooo cool, so I could not help but take pictures with it.
Chuuu...haha love this pic, seems lol!!! But we have good time together after Sunday service at our church!

We got some great photos and we agreed to going to Central Park Mall, the newest mall in town with superb-block concept (homes, offices, apartments, hotel and mall), so to see how big the place was, we were very excited to go there. And taken some picture again at Central Park Mall. 

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