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Night @ Taman Suropati (Suropati's Park)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember that I went to Kota Tua (The Old City) last Nyepi Day? You know after went to Kota Tua, some of my friends and me decided to went to Suropati's Park where there's so many people walking in the park, practice music instrument, practice for singing, cardio therapy by walking over pebbles was provided therein. There's fountain in Suropati's park. 

We took some picture there. After that, we felt so hungry and we decided to eat in Jl. Jaksa (Jaksa Street). We eaten chicken claw soup, chicken wings soup , chicken porridge and drinking orange juice. 

We chose to eat at roadside food stalls, named Warung Kabita (Kabita Food Stalls). Not so expensive food place, each of us ate and drank only spend about IDR 15,000 or equivalent to $ 1.5, How cheap! We ate untill it was full and we went home after ate that night. So many tourist live in Jaksa Street. Beside Warung Kabita there's cafe where tourist go there.

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