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Unfair could happened in our life!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Well, I just learned about how unfair people is! I prepared for monthly reports and done it for 75% yesterday, but my responsibility was questioned jus because of I forgot to finishing another job whom taken 1% from my 99% responsibilities (or you can also said it job description!)?!?

I hate them who judged me like that, really! Although I'm not angry or really2 hate them, but for a while I thought I couldn't forgive them because they do not looked through all my job and what I have done that's why I forgot that 1% job. Whether my opinion about this right or not but how come they blame me for not-just-1-person-responsible about that causes!

IMAO, I dun't care wad they've said! I just work better and renewing my performance everyday but no one in other division could be better teammate for me and my division. This is just so unfair! And I'm not blame anybody about what had happened, so why they think about I blame someone for my fault? It isn't make sense to me, really! They're so stupid for their ages, aren't they?

They're pain in the ass, who always talked behind when they themself do not do anything better than me. Owwhhhhhhyyy This really new knowledge for me about how unfair in life could be happened not just in my life but maybe in your life too.

Please God really I'm so sorry for have thought like this!

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