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My busy working day - Oh yeah,,,every day it is!

Saturday, March 13, 2010
I'm busy everyday in my workplace. I'm really enjoyed this job!. Even some teammate who couldn't work like what the SOP said. Blurring the workflow and It annoys me because when one or more division not to follow the prevailing system, they annoy my workflow too. This is a challenge for me at work when I meet people like that. solution I have is to pray to God that the company where I worked was always blessed by him and every work I did made successful (for the right job and good job of course!). So some people like that, I could manage easily, haha!!!

So even I'm busy every day, I'm happy and I know that God always be with me and take care of me, so I don;t and never afraid of something (bad or evil things) cause He never let me down!. 

Enjoy working...

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