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Review: Etude Dear My Blooming Lips Talk OR204

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another review from me today...

Etude Dear My Blooming Lips talk OR204 (Bashfull Coral), got it free from my friend.

------ The lipstick Etude Dear My Blooming Lips Talk OR204 ------

------ Swatches on my lips -----

- Upper left OR204 under sunlight (ehh btw did you see my face? looks healthier now hahaha! Using Secret Key Treatment Essence+E'thym O2 Moisture Lotion + Skinfood Good Afternoon Lemon)
- Down Left OR204 under normal light
- Upper to down right OR204 swatches on my lips
- Using Photoscape to colage the images :D

  • I love the color (btw this lipstick have very much variance color)
  • Moistened my lips (1st time use this lipstick my lips are dry, after use it for some time now its better)
  • Easy to find, just go to Etude conter or buy it online here Winterize Shoppe (yess my shop hahaha!)
  • Cute Packaging
  • Long staying power (just don't eat or drink :D)
  • The price is OK for me (on online shop), but if you go to Etude Counter may be double the ol shop price

  • If you have dry spot, it will cling on your dry spot (Unless you apply some lipbalm or lip butter first)
  • Need re-apply if you eat/drink
  • Pricey if buy in counter aroun IDR 250k

Thank you for reading this review, share ur thought on comment box below. 



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