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My hobby is reading, so are you?

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Reading is my main hobby besides my others hobbies. I realized I was like reading (also writing!) since I was in elementary 2nd. I loves to read all books that I found, all kind of books. The first book that took my attention is the science book. I like to read about solar eclipse and moon eclipse, also about the air and the solar system. After that I knew about comic that I read the most until now, I liking to read Doraemon, The Casper & Wendy's, The Richie Rich and The Anderson's comics.

I tried to read novel when I'm in 6th grade, I read about the malory towers series & the famous five by Enyd Blyton also trio detective by Alfred Hitchcock (My friend's novel, not mine!). And when in junior high school I'm fallen in love with Harry Potter series (you knew what I fell at that time, when The Potter's so famous in whole world!).

So how about you? Are you like to reading too? I hope that you enjoying your time when you read through my blog's and always had a desire to come back here again friends. 

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