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Book Review: Mid Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams

Friday, May 27, 2016
So, I’ve been already read this book and quite impressed by the story and the main characters. And these are what I thought about the book.
Here the screenshot taken from #Goodreads.com (Book cover and brief description of the story):
Moral of the story by me of course (not sorted):
1) You may have a great wonderful legendary career but it never be the main point to make you feel happiness
2) You may be pretty or beautiful or handsome or gorgeous but it not last forever. We human aging, yanno!
3) All we need is love, Love is all we need😀 (singing it ala Ariana Grande: Love is Everything)
4) Even life sometimes sucks don’t worry God will give you ways to overcome everything #keeppraying
5) If by any chance there’s someone disappointed you, keep in mind because there will be another person out there will make your day lighten up again (ehem, okay maybe not just person, it can be your pet, your hobby or anything that helps #wink)
6) If your love life sucks, don’t worry keep searching the right person because there should be 1 person as your destinied lover and don’t diving too deep into your sadness, because Adam only has one Eve after all!
7) Every people in the world has right to be happy
8) True friends will always by our side in ups and down
9) Age never be a problem if you never make it as a problem
10) Love at first sight is truly exist
Ohhh, If by any chance there is a “Jonathan” outside this very real world, please let me know #grinning.
Because I kind of infatuating with him, the most jealous and possessive and sexiest man ever alive in a romance novel! #sigh
A caring lover, super duper possessive, didn't give a shit about "what so called common sense rule" like the age gap or physical outstanding. Even he could do anything in his power to make her, his only. And I can only say "WOW!"
Honestly, I kind of annoyed by the fact that Claire, 11 years older than Jonathan. Is it possible for a man fall in love with older woman let say 11 years older? Because I heard women hit maturity faster than men. But who could denied chemistry and the love sparks? No one I think.
And I thought for a while after read this book and asked myself what is the most intense love of all? First love or Love at the first sight?
And my answer is "Love at first sight". Because it is kind of draining all of energy and messing up your mind all at once, make you blushing, your heart suddenly beating so fast, can't think straight at that time and couldnt even look him/her in the face without blushing even harder. OMG! It's like hit by thunderbolt of love!
Nah, I just remember the quote from novel Star Crossed by JS Taylor:
Cause, You are the thunderbolt, That shot into my heart, And when that thunderbolt hits, You know, You know. Nothing will ever be the same!
I'm really enjoying this book, definitely my 5* book and stories and characters and all the enchanting words and all the banter, thanks Author you are amazing!
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