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Book Review: Gabriel’s Inferno (Gabriel’s Trilogy #1) by Sylvain Reynard

Friday, May 27, 2016
“What do you expect me to say—that I don’t want you? I’m not going to say that. I love you Gabriel, all of you. Please don’t push me away when we’ve finally gotten close.” Julianne Mitchell, p.423, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard
This Book review is about my recent read novel, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard, a Gabriel’s trilogy book #1. The others in this trilogy are Gabriel’s Rapture and Gabriel’s Redemption.
Here is the screenshoot from #Goodreads:
This book is sooooo “English & Italian literature” in every possible way. Quoting or citing from English/Italian classic literatures or telling us about it, from Dante story to CS Lewis and Tolkien’s dragon and Gollum and etc. Then somehow mentions some classics art painting from Boticelli.
As she rested on his chest, he whispered Dante’s words to her in Italian:“Color di pàerle ha quasi in forma, quale convene a donna aver, non for misura; ella è quanto de ben pò far natura; per esemplo di lei bieltà si prova. De li occhi suoi, come ch’ella li mova, escono spirti d’amore inflammati, che fèron li occhi a qual che allor la guati, e passan sì che ‘l cor ciascun retrova: voi le vedete Amor pinto nel viso, là ‘ve non pote alcun mirarla fiso.”
Taken from Gabriel’s Inferno p.469
Although, honestly I did not know some of the classic books mentioned nor Italian language, but sure I know when the characters said something about Gollum and His precious😀
The romance story, indeed, makes my heart beating and I kind of felt what Julianne felt, a shy and “traumatized by the past” woman who still lingering her feeling for her first love. Sylvain was successfully making me, imaginary experiencing what the characters do, their acts, their emotions and the places described in the novel #bravo #clap2
“I love you, Gabriel. You have to accept the fact that I’m not going anywhere.” Julianne Mitchell, p.442, Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard
And for me who believe in “soulmate”, “a happily ever after”; and “muse of life/my knight in shining armor”,  this book is definitely my favorite. Another 5* book in my #Aldiko rack😀hahaha!. I quite an avid reader so I need #Aldiko to keeping all of my ebooks, e-novel, docs and all my digital collections, so I can always read wherever I go, because all of it staying in my smartphone (who mostly used for read or streaming Youtube #XperiaZultra)
Okay, so this novel taught me so much morals, as below (not sorted);
1. Do not ever using DRUGS or deal with it, its results only bring destruction to your life or R.I.P
2. If by any chance, you’re already a “user”, go get some help, rehab or whatever to keep you clean and hopefully will never ever touch it again
3. First love is sooooooo romantic! Gabriel is Julienne 1st love  who blessedly stay in her heart for years! (Ahhhhh, it makes me remember my 1st love!!!!!)
4. A loving family with loving & caring & supportive parents, that’s what every child need the most
5. God always forgiving our sin, so make peace with your sins yourself first.
6. True love never leaving you in a darkside, he/she will sticks to you in all kind of situations, through the good and the bad. And will help you to find the light #wink #howromantic #sigh
7. Adopting is a kind act to help make this world a better place by providing 1 lonely and homeless(not homeless in “houseless” meaning, but kind of “feel at home”) child in your gentle and loving care. ONLY if your situation enable you to adopt in every aspects. S
8. Find the true love of your life is a blessing. Its move heaven to earth, otherwise it likes move hell to earth, hahaha! #seriously
9. Do not performs any ABORTION (unless it is for health reason)! It is so wrong in every aspects! Its a terrible sin! Be responsible for your act!
10. Learn and studying what you likes and maybe make a living from it. That way you will enjoy working, because you do what you like, right? #smilling
Anyone ever read this book? Comment ur thought about this book below.
#bookreview #GabrielsInferno #SylvainReynard #MyPOV

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