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My Reading List & Its Relation with Percy Jackson

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Hey everyone, well my reading list this month is all about Percy Jackson. Hahaha,, since its next movie on August, The Percy Jackson & The Sea Of Monsters will be coming soon on the Theater!

While searching great books to read & some manga, Finding the Percy Jackson another stories, not another I mean the stories continuing the Percy Jackson series.

I bought The Lost Hero, The Son Of Neptune & The Mark Of Athena, Very interesting series!!! Can't wait for the next book coming out to the market!!! Kyaaaa...

I love to read those books, interesting with never ending wonderful stories to tell :D

Even in this crazy week, end-of-months-payroll-&-financial reporting things, I still take some time to read those books (even when I am in the toilet, haaaaa! :P) because its 'greget' stories.

Enjoy your day everyone, find your best books to read on this May :), happy May Day btw! Here in Indo, Most labor do demonstration!

Love yaaa,,,



  1. June L. said...:

    I've heard a lot about the Percy Jackson books! Hope you enjoy them!~ *u* <333

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