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First Time Being a Commonwealth Bank Customer

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Hey, everyone! Annyonghaseo! 

Today I wanna share about my experience being a CommBank customer. Yesss, I do think a long time to opening an account in this bank so I can buy mutual fund online, but because of 1 and some reason I suspend the plan. 

Finally on April 19, I went to CommBank near my house in Pantai Indah Kapuk, I opened this bank account called "Tabungan Bunga Harian" and excited with the teller who so nice with me. She explained every little things about this product. 

What I love about this "Tabungan Bunga Harian" (TBH account) are as follows:
1. CommBank TBH didn't charge me with transfer fee like some bank do's for different bank wire transfer
2. CommBank didn't charge me with ATM Card Fee, MyAccess Token Fee (Like  KeyBCA) for internet banking transactions
3. CommBank TBH didn't charge me with cheking account balance's fee at another Bank ATM with ATM PRIMA/BCA network just in Cirrus they charge IDR 5k, so do if I want to get cash from ATM PRIMA/BCA ATM network
4. I can use the ATM Card to do debit transaction in every merchant of DebitBCA networks
5. I get 50% discount of mutual fund buying fee 
6. If my token is broken, I can change it free, they just charge me if my ATM Card broken for about IDR 25K
7. Monthly fee just IDR 5k and I got Account Book

Well, I think its quite excite me because I can get everything mostly free, and kinda like I have BCA Tahapan Account facilities with cheaper monthly fee. Even their token are exactly the same from the supplier to the shape just different in color. Take a look at this:

I just trying to do different bank wire transfer to my retirement savings account in BNI 46 Bank and yessss, its definetely free of charge!!! love it! And I kinda like the color, everything is yellow, very bright and remind me with cheesy things hahaha XD!.

That's a lil bit about my banking experience, remember to investing since young for future needs *smiling*, if you like to investing in mutual funds, you can opening this account to make everything easy for montly top up mutual funds and get 50% disc for buying fee. If you want to ask me more about my experience with this savings account, kindly email me to tifani.zulfiana@gmail.com, I am glad to answer.

Or if you want to know more you can visit the Commonwealth Bank in www.commbank.co.id where there are so many useful information.

Happy Invest,



  1. Tifani said...:

    hi Jacobs, thank you I hope what I've been written on my blog useful for many people as well useful for you :) *smiling*

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