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What I've been doing lately?!?

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Hi all, I'm back!


Lately, I've been so busy with this whole office things. From struggling with the new job till moving on to new office. What's take my interest these day is promotional video of SAMSUNG MP3 - YEPP, JUST DRAG where Jang Geun Suk is the main actor also the singer.

Isn't he so cute and gorgeous and...and...and...handsome (also made me melted!)!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!! I like to watched this video Again & Again & Again (Hahaha, 2PM Mania!).

Oh yeaaa, I just bought The Face Shop - HD Perfect BB Cream (Natural Beige) for US$30 and its covered my skin perfectly, but I have problems with my face, My skin looks so dry and when I use this BB Cream, looking not so creamy but more like powder put on my face. Still it's Ok! I need to put on more moist to my face then applying this BB cream on it. Anyone already use it?please share you're experience in using BB Cream with me.

I bought 2 for sure, and I want to exchange 1 with The Face Shop Power Perfection because its flawless finishing look.

Well, I always been doing sooooo many things, thanks God for all your blessings to me!!!

Happy Day,


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