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Blood Donor Day ~ 1st time Donating My Blood!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012
So, what I wanna share is my first experience donating my blood to the Indonesian Red Cross Association at my new office, Maruni Glass. When the human resource department announced us that on Saturday they will held Blood Donor Day at my office, I was so excited to participate in such event, so I register as a donor. Until this Saturday, the doctor took my blood test to knowing about my HB score and my blood pressure to make sure that I am good enough to be a donor. And they told me to waiting until my turn so they can take my blood into a blood plastic bag.


And my time coming, I was laying on the bed, the doctor put the syringe to my hand and it is really ache for a sec! I was nervous enough to participate in this event since it's my first time to donor my blood. The doctor gives sticker to my blood bags with "O" sign (hehe, I have the O type of blood! :D ). 

Anyway, it is very exciting & even though I have some bad experience after this blood donor, which is I'm kinda headache for a while and wanna faint at that time, but all my colleague here are kind enough, they massaged my head, my hand and my shoulder and give me some hot tea with bread. I am waiting for my second blood donor turn, waiting for my next Blood donor story!!!

Happy Day,



  1. RisSa said...:

    Aku juga pernah ikutan donor darah. Kebetulan disebelah kantorku ada GBI, mereka mengadakan acara donor darah. Dari semua teman2ku sekantor, cuma aku yang nekat donor darah. Kurasa itu termasuk salah satu kontribusi kita untuk menolong sesama. Hanya saja, seperti pengalaman cici Tiffani, aku juga mengalami pengalaman baru setelah aksi kemanusiaan itu. Aku kenal bisul hahaha. Seumur2 aku belum pernah kena bisul. Tapi ya..tetep juga itu pengalaman yang tak mungkin terlupakan. Dan ternyata, itu pun tidak menghalangi niatku untuk kembali lagi donor, suatu hari nanti. Btw, golongan darah kita sama ci hehehe. Salam kenal :')

  1. Wahh kok bisa bisulan ya sis??? ^_^ Salam kenal jg yaa, feel free to follow this blog and I'll fol u back :D

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