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My Favorite Foaming Facial Wash Cleanser

Saturday, June 4, 2016
There are so many foaming face cleanser products for daily use from lots of brands out there. From the cheaper one to the very expensive one.
And of course I have my own favorite products for daily cleansing. Currently, I have 2 products I called my favorite and I combine these 2 daily for clean my face. These products didn't caused pimple breaking on my face. What are they???
#1 ~ Clean&Clear essentials foaming facial wash
I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I started to use this product while I'm in senior high school. An amazing products reccomended by my bff. When pimples coming, I just clean my face with this and I will say bye-bye pimples! 😄😄😄 because miraclely pimples fade away after face wash with it. I still use this product, its give me clean feel after face wash and its oil-free and helps to prevent comedos.
My day-to-day face cleanser, usually use in the morning and at noon while in the office. The price is soooo cheap. About IDR 25k (around USD 2) and last for 3 months for me, because I combine it with Sebamed.
#2 ~ Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash for sensitive skin
Remember this 1? Part of my "Guardian Hauls" before Bali's trip. Yesss, I love it too! Gently and effectively deep cleanses pores and didnt cause breakouts on my face. Alkali and soap-free product, which are good for those with sensitive skin. My skin isn't sensitive but I because I happened tried this back then in senior high and love the clean, moist and smooth feeling after use this, so I continuing use this product till now.
Mostly I used this to clean my face at nite before sleep. A bit expensive, but try to buy once the 1000ml will save you 50% than buying 100ml routine. This last forever 😄😄😄! 1000ml OMG, only for face maybe will last for 2 years or more.😁😁😁
What are yours fav? Each person have its own skin condition. Maybe if you want to try these 2 products, you're welcome.
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