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Bali Vlog Day 1 On Air

Friday, May 27, 2016
I am soooo happy to announce my 1st vlogging while on Bali's trip finally on YouTube, yahoooo! 😄😄😄

Editing the video quite time consuming, its about approx 20hours here and there. Using Kine Master app for Android. Yess I edited it in my phone.

Anyway sorry for unperfection on the vlog. Because this is my 1st vlog and editing vlog ever.

Enjoy Bali! It was so wonderful and memorably! 😳😌😚

Please enjoy the vlog @winterofjuly and if you don't mind pls like and subs my channel and I will subs yours too. Btw I will upload more video about our holiday in Bali.

#Bali #HolidayInBali #Travel #TravelVlogging #Vlogging #Vlog #EnjoyBali #HelloBali
Love yaa 😘,


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